AUF provides funding for improving the employability of TLU students

The French speaking universities’s Association (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie or AUF) has launched a call for projects aiming to increase the dialog between universities and enterprises among its members in the Asia-Pacific region.  This is the first time that AUF is accompanying its member institutions, allowing them to set-up mechanisms aiming at improving the employability of graduated students. The call for project (in French) which was closed since November 5th, 2017 can be consulted here.

The Thang Long University (TLU), member of AUF since 2005, has thus filed a project called “Reinforcing the employability of Thang Long University’s students through the role of its liaison center with enterprises“, to create a synergy with the Hub4Growth project and actions.  The results of the selection of projects by the expert’s committee have been recently announced and TLU’s project has been one of six projects selected for funding by AUF out of a total of 11 projects submitted. The evaluation score of 4,2 points, out of a maximum score of 5 points, obtained by the TLU’s project show it has been strongly appreciated.

TLU obtained a funding of 9,000 euros out of the 10,000 euros requested. This grant will allow Thang Long University to develop the following actions:

  1. Designing an online learning module on entrepreneurship, in Vietnamese language, based on existing open educational resources (OER) in English and French on the internet (6,150 euros).  This base module will be released under an open Creative Commons license and will serve to build an optional course leading to the acquisition of credits by Thang Long University’s students or of a paid certificate by a more general public.
  2. Translating from French to Vietnamese an existing online course on professional integration and job searching, designed by French teachers from Bach Khoa University of Hanoi, in order to build a similar online learning module in Vietnamese for Thang Long University’s students (1,150 euros).
  3. Apply the concepts of Project-based learning, Problem-based learning and work-related learning at the faculty of Informatics through a call for database development by the University-Enterprise Center of Thang Long University (800 euros).
  4. Implementing a pilot research study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences based on surveys about employability issues and employment situation of a pool of about 400 students (900 euros). The survey methods developed during that pilot study will then be available for application at other faculties and departments.

The duration of the AUF funded project will start from the signature of the funding agreement (i.e. December 13th, 2017) until the 31st of December 2018.

The steering committee for this project comprises:

  • Mr Vu Do Quynh, vice rector and director of the UEC-TLU center, responsible for the implementation of the AUF project;
  • Mrs Dinh Thuy Quynh, Dept of Post-graduate studies and Scientific Research, also secretary of the UEC-TLU center.
  • Mr Nguyen Duy Thanh, Lecturer at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and member of the UEC-TLU center;
  • Mrs Le Thanh Binh, Head of the International Cooperation Department and Coordinator of the Hub4Growth project;
  • Mr Jean-Philippe Eglinger, CEO of Viet-Phap Strategies and invited lecturer at Thang Long University on the topics of Economic intelligence and Start-up for master studies.

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