Training workshop 3

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

On 27-29 March, 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal, the 3rd workshop on “Knowledge Transfer” and the Conference on “Enterprise – University Linkage” within the framework of HUB4GROWTH project has been organised  at Bribhuvan University and Purbanchal University. The workshop has witnessed the attendance of more than 34 participants from European and Asian partner countries.

Participants at the 3rd Workshop of the Hub4growth project in Kathmandu, Nepal

The workshop was delivered mainly by experts from the London Metropolitan University with the moderation of Prof. Alex Krouglov; experiences from leaders of enterprises as well as EU,  Tribhuvan, Thang Long universities were also shared. Thang Long University has sent Dr Le Thanh Binh, head of  International Relations Department  and two staffs of  the  the Post-graduate and Scientific Research Department, and the Informatics Faculty to attend the training workshop.

Pictures of the Thang Long university team at the workshop

In particular, the 3rd HUB4GROWTH training event contributed:

  • To discuss and review the concept of ‘knowledge transfer’,
  • To help apply the results and outcomes of higher education research activities more effectively for the benefit of society and the wider economy.
  • To understand and manage the whole chain of research results from the lab to the market (confidentiality aspects, IP rights (focus on patents), exploitation (licensing).
  • IP policies and protocols at Higher Education Institutions.
  • To focus on IP policies and protocols at Higher Education Institutions, IP management in collaborative research and innovation projects.

Materials from training workshop3 as below:

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