Informal meeting with representatives of CEEC

Today, Tuesday 23rd January 2018, M. Csaba Bundik, Vice-Chairman of the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (CEEC) visited Thang Long University and met with M. Vu Do Quynh, director of the University-Enterprise Center (UEC-TLU).

This informal meeting has been arranged thanks to Mrs Nguyen Thu, Office Manager of CEEC in Hanoi and a former graduated student of Thang Long University (K20) who connected with M. Nguyen Duy Thanh, lecturer at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, also from the same student’s promotion, and an active member of UEC-TLU.

Both sides exchanged mutually about their respective actions and strategies in order to find common grounds for possible cooperation. M. Vu Do Quynh briefly presented the Hub4Growth project and the context in which the university-enterprise centers are being set-up within that project, especially at Thang Long University.

M. Bundik who has been living for 10 years in Vietnam has accumulated 20 years of experience in management and entrepreneurship and possesses a solid background in innovation management, business incubation and startup management. He became Vice Chairman of the CEEC since March 2015 and seems to have succeeded to increase the weight of Eastern and Central European enterprises among the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurocham). Besides his activities among CEEC, M. Bundik is also member of the Board of Directors of HATCH! VENTURES, a start-up ecosystem builder which mission is to promote effective entrepreneurship in Vietnam.

Most noteworthy to us, was to learn that M. Bundik has been involved in the Innovation partnership Program (IPP), especially in the Innovation Accelarator program, which open curriculum will be used by Thang Long University to develop an open-access online entrepreneurship module in Vietnamese that just received a support grant from the French-speaking University Agency (AUF).

From left to right: M. Nguyen Duy Thanh, M. Csaba Bundik, M. Vu Do Quynh, Mrs Nguyen Thu.

According to M Bundik, three different levels of cooperation could emerge with the UEC-TLU center:

  1. In relation with HATCH! activities, in order to promote entrepreneurship among TLU students. This may come into support of the above mentioned AUF sub-project that is under implementation at Thang Long University.
  2. Socially connecting with the pool of different enterprises that are members of the CEEC.
  3. Connecting at a higher level with the more than 1,000 enterprises members of Eurocham.

Connections between CEEC members and Thang Long University through the University-Enterprise Center may provide for lecturers and resource mentors from the business sector while establishing deeper links between enterprises and the university may help satisfying the enterprise’s needs for recruitment of interns and of staff personnel and will certainly benefit to TLU students.

Both sides are looking towards signing a memorandum of understanding in a near future as a farther step in establishing an official coopeartion.

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