On July 15, Thang Long University had a meeting with Mrs. Silvia Niediek – Regional Manager of iMOVE – Vocational training project founded by German Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North America, along with Mr. Gerald Saule – Head of Vocational Training International department, representing Eckert Schools International, which is one of the biggest and most prestigious vocational training schools in Germany.
During the meeting, Thang Long University and Eckert Schools International discussed on
cooperation opportunities in vocational training, internship and working (Jobs) opportunities in several programs such as Nursing, Tourism & Hospitality, and Logistics. Thang Long University expressed their desire to cooperate with Eckert Schools to improve not only the quality of training for students at Thang Long University, but also prepare knowledge, skills as well as Germany language certificates for students to be ready to work in Germany.
After the meeting, the representatives agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding between Thang Long University and Eckert Schools International and continue to discuss in detail to sign the cooperation agreement as soon as possible.


On July 11, Thang Long University was honored to welcome the representative of Bowling
Green State University (BGSU), Mr. Jon Erdogmus – Admissions and International Cooperation Program Advisor, and Mr. Do Nam – Director of Nam Anh Education.

Bowling Green State University is a state university founded in 1910 at Ohio, USA. The university ranks 249th in Top universities in the US and 123rd in Top state universities in the US. With more than 200 training programs and majors, BGSU would like to cooperate with Thang Long University in the field of joint bachelor’s training, exchanges of training and improving staff quality and research projects, exchanged of learning materials to improve the training quality of the two schools. The major fields of BGSU would like to focus on are Education and Teaching, Tourism Economics and Logistics.

With the advantage of being a public university, BGSU’s tuition fee is affordable compared to the general tuition fee. The school’s facilities and equipment always meet the needs of students, which is evidenced by the fact that the school was voted Top 1 of the universities that make students satisfied in the Midwest, USA.

After the meeting, the representatives of both sides drafted the memorandum of understanding to expedite the signing memorandums of Agreement as soon as possible. BGSU also hopes to return to visit Thang Long University with other senior experts early next year.

SunMoon University (Korea) and Thang Long University

In May 06, 2022, Thang Long University and SunMoon University (Korea) have a meeting about the Blue Ladder.


SunMoon University:

  1. Mr. Choi Kwang Seok – Dean of the International Relations office of SunMoon University
  2. Mr. You Ji Heo – The International Relations office of SunMoon University in Viet Nam
  3. Ms. Tran Thanh Thanh – Assistant

Thang Long University:

  1. Mr. Phan Huy Phu – Rector of Thang Long University
  2. Ms. Lee Kye Sun – Dean of Korean Language
  3. Mrs. Le Thanh Binh – Dean of The International Relations office

Meeting content:

Blue Ladder is about:

Cultural exchange: 3 weeks of intensive language training and cultural exchange through the ‘Buddy’ program with students of the university in the host country.

Cultural Sightseeing: Visiting places with long historical and cultural significance of each country.

Practical experience/homestay: Experience the real-life of local people with mentor students from different countries and experience the local culture through homestay.

Group activities: Contribute to the local community in each country through volunteer activities.

Creative Problem Solving: Free expression and discussion based on the action plan and self-directed learning developed in the previous educational program.

Tips for applying for a job abroad: Organize a day to meet entrepreneurs and take part in a job abroad seminar to expand on your work abroad experience and career decisions.

This year, Sunmoon University is honored to continue to be authorized by the Korean Ministry of Education and Sunmoon University to organize the Summer Camp program for students. Thang Long University will be the partner of SunMoon during Blueladder.

Exchange program with Myongji University – Korea (Fall semester 2022)

Myongji University is one of the leading universities in Korea, with many majors in the top 10 of Korea such as Economics, Languages, Arts, Communication, Science and Technology…

According to the agreement between Myongji and TLU, every year, Myongji University offers students of Thang Long University 6 exchange scholarships per semester. The content of the student exchange is as follows:

– Free tuition at Myongji after paying tuition at TLU,

– Self-sufficient living expenses, accommodation (monthly living expenses about 500-700 USD).

– To participate in classes and receive the corresponding number of credits;

– To participate in all cultural experience programs with the lowest cost;

– Discounts on tuition fees for learning Korean,

– Get guidance and help in life at school as well as help quickly adapt to life in Korea… (Information about the program can be found at website:

Ms. Le Thi Binh, the first student to participate in the exchange program in the spring semester of 2021, shared: “Joining the exchange program is a great opportunity for me to experience a professional learning environment. career at Myongji University, improve Korean language and participate in many interesting activities for exchange students to learn about Korean culture”

Registration conditions:

1. Students of Thang Long University who have completed at least 1 semester of study at the school.

2. Students need to meet the following language requirements:

• Korean language proficiency reached Topik 3 for majors in Korean. Students who do not have a Topik 3 certificate can participate in the school’s Korean language ability test, eligible to study.

• English proficiency from TOEFL IBT 70 (or IELTS 5.5, TOEFL ITP 527, TOEIC 750) for majors in English.

Students interested in the program register at the link:

* REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR Autumn term 2022: April 20, 2022

International Cooperation Department – 1st floor, building A, Thang Long University

Phone: 024 3558 1813

Hotline: Ms.Viet Phuong: 0901731464 / Mrs. Bottle 0903 292 676


**Some pictures of studying life at Myongji Korea were shared by Binh (the first exchange student of Thang Long University).**


The SEED scholarship program was established to reduce poverty in developed countries in the ASEAN region and achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The scholarship will fully contribute towards all Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 5 (Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls) through subjects such as Women’s Studies, Political Science, Anthropology, and Economics; and Goal 13 (Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts) through, for example: Environmental Science/Policy examining climate change mitigation and adaptation, Energy, Peat and Other Land Use Strategic Effects, and Forestry.

In 2022, Thang Long University continues to nominate 2 students to apply for scholarships. Conditions:

– Students of the regular program in one of the fields of Economics, Tourism, Information Technology, Communication, Art

– Have English certificate TOEFL IBT 80 (each band is over 20) or IELTS 6.0 (each band is above 5.5) for students majoring in Economics and Tourism; TOEFL IBT 88 (each band is above 22) or IELTS 6.5 (each band is above 6.0) for students majoring in Communication and Arts

– Have not participated in any student exchange program or won another scholarship sponsored by the Government of Canada

– Students who win the scholarship must choose one of the relevant fields of study and contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

– Students after the end of the exchange period must return to study at Thang Long University

SCHOLARSHIP VALUE: CAD$10,200 for 4 months or 1 semester of study with bachelor’s or master’s students.

✍ Students interested in the program register at the link:


🏦 International Cooperation Department – 1st Floor, Building A, Thang Long University

☎️ Phone: 024 3558 1813

📞 𝐇𝐨𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞: Ms. Hương: 0988 837 433

📧 𝐄𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥:

GLEC Global Leadership English Challenge 2021

Within the framework of cooperation between Thang Long University and Hope to the Future Association, the units have successfully organized the Global Leaders Competition 2021.

The GLEC competition organized by the Hope to the Future Association aims to encourage youth participation in the United Nations agenda and raise awareness of international issues.

In August 2021, the Organizing Committee of the GLEC contest restarted the contest. The GLEC 2021 competition will run from August 16, 2021 to December 3, 2021, with the topics: round 1 – “Covid-19 pandemic and round 2 – “Sustainable Development Goals”. Students who passed round 1 will continue to round 2.

This year, Thang Long School has 11 students participating in round 1 and all 11 students passed round 1. Entering round 2, the school supported 50% of the cost and only 9 students participated, of which 3 students passed preliminary round in 2020 and 6 participants who have passed the first round of 2021.

1. Exam format: Speaking test (via Zoom platform) and Writing exam (via GLEC online platform)

2. Exam fee:

– Qualifier (1st round): 20$ equivalent to 460,000 VND for each skill,

– Final round: 30$ equivalent to 690,000 VND for each skill.

3. Result:

– Number of participants: 09 students

– Number of winners: 7 out of 96 won prizes, including 1 Excellent Award, 2 Outstanding Awards, and 4 Distinguished Awards. In addition, the winning students will receive prizes from the Organizing Committee including:

– Participating in the GLEC global conference (online);

– United Nations training program (online);

– Join the UN SDG Book Club;

– Coupon for “Criterion Online Writing Evaluation” service from ETS for 01 month

– Award certificate and certificate of competence from GLEC.

2022 Asian English Olympics “Echo Your Forte”

Asian English Olympics is one of Asia’s biggest and most anticipated annual English competitions for high school and undergraduate students. Asian English Olympics is organized by BINUS English Club (BNEC), from BINUS University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The 2022 Asian English Olympics is coming soon! It will be held online through the Zoom Meeting on February 20 – 27, 2022. There will be seven competition fields, including:

– Debate

– Newscasting

– Speech

– Spelling Bee

– Storytelling

– Radio Drama

– Short Story Writing

Through our 11 years of holding this prestigious event, the Asian English Olympics has been recognized as one of the best platforms for talented Asian youths to compete, showcase their talents, and gain unforgettable experiences with many participants across Asia.

Terms and Conditions:

– Students will be eligible to participate in The 2022 Asian English Olympics if they are 15 – 23 years old and enrolled in secondary school/high school (10th grade or above) or are enrolled in university.

– Each institution can only send a maximum of 3 people or teams per competition field.

Taiwan Scholarship

**Master of Business Administration

– Last year students have completed a specialized or graduate program (prioritize business administration, middle language, tourism)

– TOCFL 2 certifications or more equivalent to HSK 3 or TOEIC 650 English certificate or higher.

Time to study and experience at enterprises

– From 18 – 24 months

**Master of Industrial and Electronics Management.

– University graduates are Good or higher

– TOEIC 650 English certificate / equivalent IELTS 6.0 or TCFL medium certificate level 3 or higher

– Specialized:

o Business Administration

o Tourism

o Mechanism

o Information technology

**Advantages of the program

– Exemption from 50% tuition in Taiwan for the Master of Business Administration Program

– Exemption from 100% tuition fees in Taiwan with the Master of Industrial and Electronic Management

– Internship salary can pay all tuitions, dormitories, and living in Taiwan

– Study and experience in an international environment

– Master’s degree issued by Taiwan University is recognized in 200 countries.

Italian Study Abroad Information Day – “Study in Italy”

In order to promote the cooperation in education, the Uni – Italia Centre – Embassy of Italy has organized the annual Italian Study Abroad Information Day – “Study in Italy” since 2014.

This year, the event will take place over three days, from October 15, 16, to 17, 2021, from 14:30 to 18:30, with a combined format: online at the Uni-Italia portal “Study in Italy ” and directly at Casa Italia (18 Le Phung Hieu, Hanoi).

There will be 30 prestigious universities participating in the event “Study in Italy” 2021 such as Bocconi, Polytechnic of Milan (top 10 in the world for Architecture & Design), Polytechnic of Turin, Rome I, Luiss, Venice, Brescia, Padova, Unimore, Pisa, UCSC, IULM, Lumsa, Iuav, Macerata, Siena, Bergamo, Calabria, Camerino, Design Secoli Academy, Lecce Art Academy, IED Design Academy…

Uni – Italia and the Embassy of Italy decided to offer 20 scholarships, which are vouchers for courses at Uni – Italia to the students who participate in the exhibition. In addition, Uni – Italia will also hold several extra contests to help participants learn more about Italy with many attractive prizes.

Online Exchange Program of Asia University (Taiwan)

Asia University (Taiwan) is a private university in Wufeng District, Taichung, Republic of China (Taiwan). Founded in 2001, the school offers degrees in health and medical science, computer science and electrical engineering, creative design, management, and the humanities and social sciences. 

Chairman: Jing-Pha Tsai (also Jeffrey J.P. Tsai), Ph.D 

Number of students: 12,196 

Campus: suburbs 

Website: (in Chinese) (in English) 

Partner organizations: In the Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil), Malaysia. 

Continuing as it did with the Asia Online Exchange Program for Spring Semester 2021, Asia University decided to suspend the face-to-face semester exchange program as an adaptation strategy to the ongoing pandemic. The school will offer online courses through Microsoft Teams for the upcoming Fall Semester 2021 by Virtual Exchange. 

Each student participating in the virtual exchange program will be charged a fee of US$10 (ten dollars) for the delivery of transcripts and attendance certificate at the end of the program.

Register before August 16, 2021 

For more information, please contact us.