Our strategic plan

The University-Enterprise Center of Thang Long University (UEC-TLU) has just adopted its strategic plan for the period 2017-2021. You may download it for consultation. We like to reproduce here, the introductory letter to our strategic plan, signed by Professor Hoang Xuan Sinh, President of the TLU administration Board, the founder of the Thang Long University.

The Thang Long University is one among the more than four hundreds public and private universities that are existing nowadays in Vietnam. It is, however, the first non-for-profit private university that has been created in Vietnam, back in December 1988, and thus, can be considered as one of the major landmark in the “Doi Moi” policy initiated by the 6th congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party held in December 1986 that gave rise to the present state of development of the Vietnamese economy, making it one the the major actors in the South-East Asian Region and in the world.

Our vision aims at training students with a high quality in order to provide the skilled human resources that are in high demand by the society, contributing to the industrialization and the modernization process of the country, and establishing the Thang Long University as a center of culture, education, science and technology in our country.

During its first 25 years of existence, we have focused all our efforts in building modern infrastructures and facilities which resulted on our modern campus inaugurated in 2008 as a major milestone in achieving our vision. It is now the time for us to focus all our efforts in the quality of our staff, our curriculum and our students.

The partnership of Thang Long University with the Hub4Growth project, funded by the Erasmus Plus program from the European Union, will certainly contribute to our present efforts on building up the teaching capacity of our staff and the quality of our curriculum.

The creation of the University-Enterprise-Center of the Thang Long University, made possible through the Hub4Growth project, is a timely due structure which will help our university to strengthen and develop its ties with the various economic actors of the society that recruit and employ our students after their graduation.

The strategic plan of the UEC-TLU is aimed at helping our university to work for a better employability of our students by raising awareness among the students and the teaching staff of the necessary skills, not only academic, to make up for a successful professional career in a global and modern world.

As the future success of our graduated students will also be the success of our university, it is thus the intention of the Thang Long University to dedicate as much as possible of our, however limited, resources to the success of the UEC-TLU’s strategic mission.

Download our strategic plan (PDF, 562 KB): uec-tlu-strategic-plan_final