Thang Long University

The president of Thang Long University : Prof. Hoang Xuan Sinh

The Thang Long University (TLU) is committed to a non-profit operation while offering a healthy higher education environment with respect for love, honesty and productive cooperation. To attain this objective, TLU has invested in the construction of modern facilities, providing its students with a high-standard learning environment.

Not only is TLU committed to provide high quality education programs for undergraduate and graduate students in order to respond to the society’s demand for skillful and knowledgeable human resources that will effectively contribute to the country’s industrialization and modernization, but TLU is also committed to listen to the student’s aspirations and needs.

Whenever possible, TLU will facilitate its students to perform study overseas through academic alliance and exchange agreements with universities from other countries.

The mission of the Thang Long University can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing high quality higher education to meet social demand on qualified human resource and to contribute to the industrialization and modernization of the nation.
  • Cooperating with other universities and institutes, domestic and foreign, to promote the training of highly qualified and practical scientists.
  • Implementing scientific research projects at TLU in order to enhance the higher education teaching quality while remaining close to the socioeconomic realities of the country.
  • Striving to develop as a center of higher education, science and technology.

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